Julian Fisher

Artist and Designer


Welcome to my site! My name is Julian Fisher and I am an artist working in the games industry. I am primarily an environment artist but I also enjoy concept art and techy things. I have a strong interest in creating immersive environments and I am constantly striving to push myself both creatively and technically. More recently I have been working with VR which has certainly brought many challenges. Despite the challenges, working with VR has been incredibly fun and rewarding.

On this site you can find some samples of my work that I have created over the years. This site does not represent my entire portfolio but merely a sample of it. Unfortunately there are many past project sitting on the shelves of offices waiting to be resurrected or completed. Sadly, until that day arrives they are not available for me to share. In the meantime I will continue to update this site with as much work as I can.

If you would like to contact me then you can reach me via the address below: