Julian Fisher

Artist and Designer

Category:Commercial Date Completed:11/05/2015 Client:Mechabit

Neuralgia is a game that we made for the Gear VR Jam. The goal was to create a game that could run on the mobile platform and use VR in an innovative way. We had 4 weeks to complete the project.

We decided to create an asymmetrical co-op game where the operator (player 1) has a top down view and must guide the runner (player 2) to the goal. Along the way puzzles must be solved and enemies must be avoided. We wanted to create a game where communication was key to success.

For this game I created the art style and all 3D assets. I also created all promotional renders.

Neuralgia Trailer
promotional image from neuralgia of a fragmented house The Beginning
promotional image from Neuralgia of a clock tower Promotional Render