Julian Fisher

Artist and Designer

Nomadic Plains
Category:Personal Date Completed:10/03/2017

Nomadic Plains is a personal project I completed using the Unreal 4 Engine. My main objective was to create a vast wilderness with realistic mountains and grass. I had never attempted anything like this before so it was really interesting and exciting. This project really pushed my skills and I learnt a lot of new techniques in the process. I also had the opportunity to dabble in UE4's blueprint editor in order to create some drifting clouds. These were used to give the scene a more dynamic feel.

Fly Through
screenshot of yurts from the front Front of the Camp
screenshot of vast plain Vast grassland
screenshot of yurts form the back Rear of the Camp
screenshot of mountains from boulders Boulder Field
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render of a yurt
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render of a saddle
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render of a bundle
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render of a collection of smaller assets
Smaller Assets
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render of a collection of rocks

Selection of Assets