Julian Fisher

Artist and Designer

Pierhead Arcade
Category:Commercial Date Completed:21/09/2016 Client:Mechabit Project URL:Product Page

Pierhead Arcade is a game made for virtual reality. It is an entire virtual arcade featuring 16 larger games and a collection of small toys. The games are old classics such as Basketball and Whack-A-Mole. Each game is designed to work well inside VR by making use of physical motions such as throwing and rolling.

For this game I was responsible for the entire art development including the creation of all the arcade machines plus the majority of 'Prize Hut' toys. I also created the environment and frontend elements.

The game is available on PC for both the HTC Vive and Oculus.

Launch Trailer
screenshot of the south side of arcade South Side
screenshot of the north side of arcade North Side
screenshot of pierhead arcade entrance Entrance
screenshot of bowling alley Bowling
screenshot of a collection of arcade machines Row of Machines
1 / 7
render of honey rush comet drop and super punch
Honey Rush, Comet drop, Super Punch
2 / 7
render of arctic shuffle and rocketball
Rocket Ball, Arctic Shuffle
3 / 7
render of basketball and zombie shootout machines
Super Shoot, Zombie Shootout
4 / 7
render of both claw machines
Claw Machines
5 / 7
render of dino whack and the shooting gallery
Dino Whack, The Gallery
6 / 7
render of rapid fire and binary dash
Rapid Fire, Binary Dash
7 / 7
render of scarab toss and cannonball bounce
Scarab Toss, Cannonball Bounce

Gallery of Arcade Machines

For each machine I created the model, illustrations and LOD versions. Each machine required its own branding which had to be both unique and also work as a collection. Images rendered in Marmoset.